Are you looking for a gallery owner, specialist in ancient and modern painting ?

Passionate about pictorial art since my youngest age, I offer you as a specialist antique dealer a large selection of paintings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These paintings are exhibited in my art gallery "Violon d'Ingres" of the Puces de Saint-Ouen.

First of all, I am a collector at heart

Trained by parents who were themselves art lovers, I had the chance in my youth to travel to discover museums and cultural places around the world (at a time when iconography was still restricted.)

I quickly became a collector. When I was 12, I gathered all my savings to buy my first painting. This passion has never left me. I have always been looking for new discoveries.

Thanks to my training and experience, I became a transmitter

  • Passionate about the history of painting, I am a guide to a French and international clientele. In addition to the paintings, you will find in my store furniture or art objects that have been carefully selected. Whether bronzes, ceramics or vases, all these chosen pieces have their place in the evolution of the decorative arts.
  • I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with art history students.

From antique dealer specialist in the painting of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, I naturally became an expert

I am very involved in my expertise work. It is a recognition in my profession as an antique dealer. This field also allows me to expand my knowledge even more. Curious by nature, I remain insatiable to establish the legitimacy of my profession. I am proud to defend in a certain way the French heritage which, as everyone knows, is envied by the whole world.

The works that are proposed to me are examined with a careful and critical eye to detect the quintessence and potential of each of them. I am ready to defend them as best as possible on the national and international market.

I would be pleased to welcome you in my gallery of the Biron des Puces Market in Saint-Ouen.

In the meantime, I'll let you turn the pages of my catalog of paintings and art objects here. Sometimes I stay attached to a piece in my collection. But I am reassured when the latter passes into the hands of a buyer who will have had a real crush !